YOUNG MARRIED COUPLES (ages 18-35) “Above the Horse Gate, the priests made repairs, each in  front of his own house. “  Nehemiah 3:28.  Led by Family  Pastor Kevin McCarthy, and wife, Michelle, this ministry will  focus on family dynamics that are relevant to marriages and  parenting.  Upcoming Event - Weekend to Remember  Marriage Conference, April 7-9, 2017.  See Pastor Kevin  McCarthy for more information. 
SENIOR ADULTS (ages 50+) The WOW Ministry (Warriors Offering Wisdom) meets  monthly for lunch and fellowshipping together around the  Word of God.  Periodic “fun” activities are also planned  throughout the year.  Upcoming Event - Lake Yale Senior  Fest, April 3-5, 2017.  See Vivian Austin for details or to  register. 
WOMEN’S MINISTRY (ladies ages 18+) Upcoming Event - Beth Moore Living Proof Live, April 28-29,  2017.  Pick up a flyer in the magazine rack across from the  church office for more information on how to register. 
MEN’S MINISTRY (men ages 18+) The MVP’s (men ages 18+) meet several times a week for  Bible Study, covering a wide-range of topics.  They also have  “fun” activities planned throughout the year, both on and off  campus.  
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Adult Ministries

COLLEGE & CAREER (ages 18-34) FirstHand Faith/Boundless meets each Sundays at 9AM &  6PM for Bible Study for college-age and career-minded  individuals.  Activities are also planned throughout the year.